Looking For The Best Wedding Cinematographer / Videographer?

Premix Studio produces high-quality, cinematic-style wedding films that will change your perception of wedding videos and make your special day unforgettable.

We use top-notch cameras and gear, combined with our expert post-editing skills, to create a cinematic feel in our videos.

A wedding film allows you to watch and listen to the vows that might otherwise fade with time. It can also evoke the emotions of the day, capturing the smiles, laughs, and kisses that made it so memorable and fun.

A wedding film serves as a wonderful memento to enjoy on each anniversary, reminding you of the love you share. However, we strongly believe that a wedding is not merely a technical matter. A wedding cinematographer in Delhi, NCR, India, must have the ability to delve into the couple's deepest feelings and reveal their unique love story.

In a video, we can witness the bride approaching the groom from behind for the "first look." We see the guests dancing naturally, avoiding the awkwardness often captured in still images. Through the wedding video, we experience the entire day from start to finish. Be sure to check out our Luxury Cinematic Wedding Films.